Diner Delights

Every Thursday we make our way to the Telford Diner in the “downtown” section of our country community.

The parking lot is usually full, tables loaded, and steak and gravy is not the only thing on the menu. There’s always plenty of conversation to go with the soup beans and cornbread. And it’s usually pretty interesting…

We end up on a different topic every week. This past Thursday’s offering was all about how we do and do not want to be buried.

Most wanted the customary arrangements, while some said they’d be fine with the plain and simple. “Just put me in a pine box,” the doublewide husband commented in the mix of the conversation. (I think that’s actually the name of a country song)

One thing the cremation crowd agreed on: do not sprinkle them at sea because they’re afraid of water and can’t swim.

Tall tale telling is as plentiful as the condiments.  It’s pretty fitting for this spot located just outside the Storytelling Capitol. Give me a hamburger steak with a side of funny stories any day. I love it.

Something else that makes the Diner quaint is the decor and the festive plastic tablecloths that always sport the proper print for whatever time of year it is. Fall floral is the current theme with Thanksgiving and Christmas soon to follow. Red, white and blue cloths are displayed with pride during the summer months. The only kneeling done here is in thanks for the many blessings.

We celebrated the doublewide husband’s birthday at the Diner a few months ago. What better place to have a party and share your birthday cake?! Everybody in the place joined in the festivities, sang Happy Birthday and overdosed on vanilla lard icing that night.

This Tennessee back road bistro is small town America at it’s best.

If you’re ever in the area and need a good meal served with a smile and some of the best sweet tea there is, just follow 34 as it winds out of Jonesborough to the west. Warren, Vickie, Crystal and the rest of us will be waiting for you.






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