People will make a party out of anything — we love to celebrate.

The eclipse turned into the gathering of the century all across the nation as crowds gathered in fields, at lakes, poolside, and anywhere else they could find a place to hangout. It was kind of like at a NASCAR race with all the merry-making – I think the people were nicer though. I love a good race, but it can really get competitive. Even the people rooting for the same driver can end up in a knock-down-drag-out over something like their favorite beer. I didn’t see anybody fighting over the eclipse. Some even shared their glasses with those who arrived unadorned.

I decided to watch the online NASA coverage. I figured it would be like having the best seat at my favorite concert. The eclipse was broadcast from many different locations through the best cameras — the crowds were going wild in Hopkinsville and Charleston. I went back and forth from watching NASA’s coverage to looking out the window at the sky getting darker. Afterward, NASA guys interviewed the International Space Station crew.

The frenzy built as the Doublewide husband called to report on the neat shadows the eclipse was making through the leaves in our driveway.  Everybody at work went outside to see it live and in person in the totality phase.

I didn’t get my viewing box made and I never looked for glasses to buy, but my experience wasn’t diminished. No matter how you viewed the eclipse, it was pretty neat just being here on planet earth during the whole thing.

It makes you stand  in awe at the greatness of God. He orchestrates the events of time and space, and is still interested in our lives. That’s downright amazing.


Of Eclipses and Men

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