Online Transformations Made Easy

I found out that I’m pretty smart after all. I knew it all along, but Facebook officially confirmed it. (hee hee)

I scored 150 on one of those fb IQ quizzes. Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. You can’t argue with that kind of logic.

How could it not be true? It was on the internet. It was on facebook, right there with all the other interesting facts and figures.

I also look just like Shania Twain – got that revelation from Facebook too. I’m gorgeous, with a tall order of IQ. Hoop de doo!

You, too, can find out which country singer you look like (no need to send in $19.95). Just put your favorite selfie into a magic box and, voila, your pic is morphed with a famous person’s highly glossed and airbrushed portrait, revealing that you look just like them.

One friend refused to play along, for fear she’d end up as Willie Nelson.

A few minutes spent playing in Facebookland and you could completely transform yourself. No need for plastic surgery and botox!  It’s all right at your fingertips.

There are all kinds of little quizzes that tell you how Southern you are, what state you should live in, or what your favorite color says about you. I like red, so that makes me  adventurous and sophisticated, yet demure. I think that’s what it said, anyway. Don’t forget, I’m smart — very smart.

So we’re all somehow prettier, smarter and easier to access with the internet at our disposal. I’m just wondering how our ancestors made it through.












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