This Little Piggy

I may never be able to eat bacon again.

I just read that scientists have discovered how to keep pig brains alive outside the pig body.


That’s just weird on so many levels. I hate the thought of slaughter houses and already worry too much about the animals that end up there. This doesn’t help. Do the pigs know what’s about to happen? Apparently now they can think about it for awhile after the slaughter… (picture me sobbing here)

Wait a minute – I’m way too smart for this. Where’s the hidden camera? It can’t be real.


I may become a vegetarian. No more burgers. No more chicken. No more bacon…

Everybody else can enjoy being a carnivore. I’ll just be over here eating a salad and hummus. This reminds me of something my friend, Pam, told me when she was having dinner with another friend from (I think I’m remembering right) Jamaica. (Pam, feel free to correct me) She was at a restaurant eating meat and the other girl said something like, “I see you’re eating flesh.”

Yep, I would have promptly pushed my plate away and become a vegetarian right there in the middle of the joint. I’m not knocking vegetarians. For heavens sake, don’t start sending me hate mail. If you’re a vegetarian, be the best one you can be! I really like bacon. (or I did, anyway)

Back to this whole pig brain thing. Why would they even need to do that? It’s like the time I heard they were measuring cow flatulence to see if it affected the atmosphere. Cow gas? They should live with my Boxer for a day.


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