Chicken Thieves Beware

Chicken Thieves Repent!

The funny things you see while driving the back roads through the country.

That announcement was on a sign outside a little roadside diner, shouting its message like a street corner preacher trying to get people saved. I don’t know if live chickens had been kidnapped or if it was frozen chicken thighs they were missing.

Oh, the stories you could make up with that little bit of info to go on.

Interstate travel doesn’t entertain nearly as much as the sights and sounds on country roads. Although there are some interesting billboards along I-40 around the Sevierville/Pigeon Forge area in the East Tennessee neck of the woods.

I guess that’s the exception to the interstate rule – boring, except for vacationland attractions. Some of the signs actually do a good job luring families with antsy children off the beaten path – “Wrestle a Bear – Get a FREE corndog!” Dads will spare no expense to give the kiddies a wonderful vacation experience.

On the other hand, think of all the makeshift vegetable stands and yardsales you’ll miss if you avoid the scenic route (not to mention the unique,and often misspelled, homemade signs advertising it all). Need a handmade quilt? Looking for freshly whittled nic-nacs? Take a backroad!

All in all, I’ll choose curvy road travel over the interstate every time, unless I’m in a big hurry.
Barns and cows are way more fun to look at than Stuckey’s and McD signs.

As you’re planning vacation travel this year, consider what you might be missing out on if you set the GPS for the more crowded route. Lush meadowland scenery vs tractor trailers and billboards – you decide.


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