Paul Revere on Facebook

What if Paul Revere had been able to use the internet to warn people about the British?

Picture it – Facebook live video at midnight .. it could have saved Paul and his horse a lot of work.

I was online recently with people in different towns meeting through a web based program and it made me think about all that’s been done without the conveniences we have now.  Sometimes I’m still baffled at the technology at our fingertips. Pretty cool.

Look at all our forefathers accomplished and what they might have done if they’d had these electronic marvels. (well, sure, they would have needed electricity)

Bring our historical heroes into present day and imagine the scene, and the stories. George Washington crosses the Delaware with ease and an outboard motor. I know that’s not electronic — but it would have helped. Twitter could serve him well too.

Betsy Ross did a great job on the flag, with what she had to work with. But a computerized Singer would have helped make the job go faster. She could have added a line of drapes and placemats to match, and then gone into business with a little shop on the corner in Boston — maybe called it “The American Flag Company” or something like that.

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address on the nightly news –  interesting. Imagine the news guys trying to give their opinion on what they thought he actually said. Abe didn’t need help conveying what he meant.

I don’t mean to make light of the struggles people have experienced throughout our history. Our country has been through a lot. I’m honored to be an American descendent living in the greatest country there is and I’m thankful that they persevered through everything to build this nation.

Let’s band together and see that it continues to be great. I say we all come together through a nationwide online pow-wow, put aside all our differences and talk. We can bond over smores and hot chocolate, or anything else anybody wants to share. I think we could actually do it if we wanted to.

Social media being used for good – imagine that.

Hmmmm…I wonder if Paul Revere would have accepted my friend request.





4 thoughts on “Paul Revere on Facebook

  1. Of course Paul Revere would have accepted your Friend request; once he pulled over at a rest stop or gas station to fill up his Harley. Texting and motorcycles just don’t mix; now as for horses… I’ve never tried it. George W. on the other hand would never have used an outboard motor, geesh that would have awakened the whole enemy camp on the other side of the river, including the drunk Germans. I would think one of those nice and quite battery operated trolling motors would have fit the bill perfectly. As for News people, I don’t even want to go there (-;”


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