No Resolutions Here – Well, Maybe

I don’t usually make new year’s resolutions. I quit making them years ago and haven’t really missed it. That’s probably why I’m a week late with this.

I don’t diet, so I can’t resolve to lose weight. I exercise some, but I don’t like the gym. I work out using my own little exercise reward program — I get a reward and then determine how much I need to walk to kind of even it all out. It’s my plan. It works.

I realize that I could be more supportive of those who make resolutions, so here’s my list of things I’ll think about resolving to do:

  • eat healthier — it’s easier for me to work in a little healthy here and there instead of trying to do too much at one time, so here goes — I’ll eat more apples and brussels sprouts. I love both of those, so it should be easy for me to keep this one. I prefer my apples cooked with butter and cinnamon. And hey, cinnamon is really healthy! So there – I’m doing better already. That wasn’t so hard, after all.
  • exercise more — I’ll walk  on pretty days when I can get outside. (something I love to do, so it’s easy to keep that one too)  On days when I can’t get outside, I’ve got it covered. I’ve worked out a routine to walk up and down the steps where I work. I can do that and it gets me away from the computer for a few minutes. My plan is working already.
  • two is probably enough right now — any more than that and I can’t handle it.

Actually, when you think about it resolutions are just basically good intentions. They only work if you’re really serious about whatever it is you want to change or start doing. Here are my serious, “I’m determined to do it” goals — be kinder to people (not be judgmental), give more, live out God’s Word every day, and get really serious about my writing projects (as in, get down to it and finish books that are languishing in my computer).

Are you making any resolutions or setting goals for the new year? Say this with me, “I can do it.” — just ask God to help you do whatever it is you’re trying to resolve to do or not do. He’s already promised that He will. That’s all you need.

So, here’s to great things in the coming weeks and months. Happy 2018, y’all!


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