Time Changes

I’m not sure if I like this whole time changing thing. It just mixes me up too much — messes up my routine. I guess the morning “fall back” isn’t too terrible since we gain an hour.

If you’re like us –  we change some clocks and forget others in the house. Depending on what room you’re in at the time, you could be in a panic on Sunday morning. My cell phone has a mind of it’s own so I don’t have to worry about it. That’s still a little disconcerting in itself.

I’m not crazy about the weekend when we “spring forward” because of the loss of  that hour. The whole thing throws me off track for at least a week. Although I like that time zone (time frame?) the best. I’m just gonna go back a few days and hang out there for awhile.

Or better yet,  I’ll run for national time decider. Can we put that on the ballot next year? I would look like the rabbit with the clock in Alice in Wonderland.  I promise to keep us on one time or the other — none of this changing around twice a year. It interrupts our lives and sleep patterns and our evening daylight. I like the long days, so I think I’ll come up with an idea where we can have morning light early and long evenings to hang outside longer.

Maybe I need to move to Alaska during the time they have daylight almost 24 hours. I think that would suit me just fine. I’m good at taking naps any time of day, so it would work.

My neighbor, Elmer, has seen many more time changes go around than I have over the years. He always loves to remind me when the days are going to start getting shorter every summer. I try not to listen, but he’s right. Just when I get used to the nice long days they start getting shorter. Oh June, how I love and hate you all at the same time. On the flip side, I love the shortest day of the year in December, because that means the days are going to start getting longer. It’s just a little bit each day, but I hang onto every minute.

My car clock may or may not be on the correct time right now. If I leave it where it is, I may actually get to work on time…

Maybe I’ll just look up the states that stick with one time and move to one of them. I’ll let you know when I find the one that’s just right.




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