Hee Hee Hee, Haw Haw

Anyone born past 1997 probably doesn’t remember the tv show Hee Haw. It was sort of like touch screen phones – a blessing and a curse all at the same time.

The show was a slap-stick, corn pone take on life in the country (or life in the South) — but some thought it made us look like backward yahoos with no education and no shoes. Well, yeah. We loved it anyway. The jokes were so dumb, they were funny and we could always count on seeing a country music star perform on the show. One of my favorite segments was The Culhanes.

If f I researched hillbilly I’m sure I would find a picture of the Hee Haw gang. My picture might be included too, because I just remembered something. We lived a house without indoor plumbing once upon a time, when I was little….. I was a baby, so in no way was I responsible for that. I don’t think my parents lived there long.

Hee Haw was one of my favorites and from what I read, people everywhere — even in New York City – really liked it. The show held on for a long tv run before the residents of Kornfield Kounty had to pack it in and go back to the farm.

Last week I went to see Lu Lu Roman, one of the Hee Haw favorites, at a music venue  called the Crooked Road General Store. I got to talk to her and have my picture made with her. It was better than seeing the biggest movie star in Hollywood.  I was in Hee Haw heaven.

An informercial for Hee Haw videos got me thinking about the show and I wanted to see it again. It wouldn’t be considered hip now and certainly not socially acceptable. Maybe we need a little Hee Haw in our world again. People just need to sit back, relax and watch some corn pone — and laugh a little more.


2 thoughts on “Hee Hee Hee, Haw Haw

  1. Oh my, I didn’t realize you were this far gone. And as far as NYC people liking it, only if they were southern transplants missing their hometown flavor…
    Time for an intervention. You need to visit a cool northern climate to clear any hee haw air!


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