Progressive Eating with Old Friends

Old friends are good for reminding you of your weird outfits and hairdos from college days.

They’re also good for a day of shopping and eating appetizers, shopping and stopping for dessert, shopping while touring and tasting olive oils…and eating some more.

Saturday, three of my besties (I’ll call them Greg and the two Kims) and I met in Abingdon, VA, a little gem in our backyard. If you’re in or around Southwest Virginia, make it a point to take a trek there. (no, the town of  Abingdon didn’t pay me to say that) (if they want to compensate me for the mention, I won’t say no 😬)

Needless to say, it was a wonderful weekend. I came home very full and toting two bottles of olive oil- so I am now healthier. I haven’t yet opened the butter-flavored oil nor the blood orange-flavored oil, but I already look healthier with the two bottles prominently displayed on my kitchen counter. So there’s that.

You need good friends who will indulge your whims as you indulge theirs – eating dessert first is a must. Well, the bakery was right there next to the antique store. You can’t possibly pass that up. Always eat dessert first! And eat a lot of it. (and get the cake with tons of cream cheese icing)

We finally decided to have a late lunch/early dinner at a neat little eclectic cafe. A bacon/egg and cheddar cheese on grilled sour dough, humongous cheesy burger on brioche bun, grilled chicken breast on grilled sour dough and tasty fish tacos later, we were full to the gills and needed to be wheeled out to the car in individual wheelbarrows.

I’m joking about the wheelbarrow curbside service, but that would have helped us get down the front steps easier. Maybe restaurants should consider that.

Now our selfies taken at several points of interest will stand the test of time on social media and provide memories for the rest of our lives. The wonderful food has since digested, which means we can meet for dinner again soon. Woo hoo!

The next food-day adventure is already in the planning stages. Stay tuned! I’m sure I’ll give a detailed report on everything when it happens.



2 thoughts on “Progressive Eating with Old Friends

  1. I was in Damascus a couple of weeks ago. We had some cousins visiting us in Banner Elk, NC and we took them to one of our favorite mountain pastimes – the Virginia Creeper Trail! I’ve been to Abingdon once, such a cute town!

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