Dump Day with Mary Grace

We still drive our trash to the dump. Yeah, we could pay to have it picked up, but where’s the fun in that?

Dump day is always a big adventure for our Boxer, Mary Grace. The funniest thing is watching her get so excited.

She starts doing her wiggly dance, running back and forth between the door and the place where her collar and leash hang on the wall when she knows she’s going. She can hardly stand still long enough to put the halter on.

I wish the mundane was that exciting to me. Maybe I’m missing something here.

Do you get up and schlump through the day when there’s nothing particularly exciting going on, like I tend to do some days? (this sounds like an ad for fiber pills)

Mary Grace thinks everything every day is exciting. I should be more like her.

Maybe that’s why the Lord gave us dogs – to help us learn how to enjoy the little things in life. There’s proof they help lower your blood pressure. (I read that somewhere)

So, I’m going to take a tip from my dog and find fun in everything! No, I’m not going to ride down the road with my head hanging out of the window.

I may just get a little more excited about dump day, though.




4 thoughts on “Dump Day with Mary Grace

  1. First of all, so funny that you have a boxer named Mary Grace. Second, the picture image of you with your head hanging out the truck window, hair blowing in the breeze and sniffing all the fresh air…ha ha ha : )


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