Christmas Memories

My best Christmas memories include big bloomers and boxes of peppermint sticks.

I don’t know if my cousins and other family members have the same memories of Christmas Eve at Papaw’s that I do. They may be like, “what? I don’t remember any of that.” It was always a fun time and somebody always got a gag gift —  of big red bloomers. It was a jolly get together, that’s for sure. The living room wasn’t too big, but all of us managed to fit in and everybody had fun.

Christmas eve after we got home, I always had to hurry up and go to bed so Santa could come and leave my new doll or bicycle. Yes, I believed in “Santy” Claus. Everything on my list was under the tree when I got up on Christmas morning. I don’t remember when I found out he wasn’t really the one who brought my presents, but apparently I made the transition unscathed.

Presents aren’t nearly as important to me now. Does that mean I’m getting old? (yikes)  I don’t think you have to wait till you’re older to realize what the most important things are. Some of us are just slow.  I like receiving gifts, but my favorite things are hanging out with family and friends, making memories eating and laughing. Have I ever mentioned that I like to eat?

Christmas memories has to include our celebrations at church. That was central for us — we were always at church, especially during this time of year. The real Christmas story isn’t about Santa Claus or flying reindeer. It’s about a gift — the greatest gift ever given to us. Jesus truly is the Reason for the Season.

Those are just a few of my memories of Christmas past. It’s fun to look back and laugh. What are some of your favorites?

I’m really looking forward to 2018 and to making more great memories in the new year! Let’s gather back here again in a year and see what fun we can reminisce about.







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